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Date:2004-12-20 18:58
Subject:Scan No. 1
Mood: excited

Scan no. 1 went to plan... and we saw Button! Saw a great strong heartbeat, but still only 8.7mm long. Dh was thrilled, as it was his first time. Although the dates have moved - according to initial calculations Button was due on 4th Aug, but the size calculations move it to 10th Aug! So although I must be at least 7+3, the size calcs put me at 6+5. Strange! But it's still good news.
Meanwhile I have the WORST morning sickness, which is very tough at work, and when I had lunch with my mum the other day (she hasn't yet been told). But we got a printout of the scan which was cool, and will go in a card for her on Xmas day.

Next scan on 25th Jan, booking with midwife on 18th Jan..

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Date:2004-12-09 13:48
Mood: bored

Doc called after blood test this morning... HcG up from 4652 on Tuesday at 1am to 13502 today.. woo! Scan on 20th Dec. Fingers Crossed.

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Date:2004-12-07 13:55

Argh. LJ just ate my post.

Posted about going into hospital last night with suspected ectopic pregnancy.. huge pains on the right side, dizziness, severe nausea..

Admitted to St Peters over night, HcG at 1am was 4652, scan in the morning showed something (7.7mm long) in the uterus and nothing dodgy in the tubes. Still in pain but at least nasties ruled out.

More blood in 2 days then another scan in 10 days. Fingers crossed.

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Date:2004-12-05 11:42
Mood: anxious

Well it has been a while, but such a rollercoaster.

Tuesday (10 days ago) I was due. I tested - bfn. Damn... and straight on to the G&T and pate and hanging out in the smoky communal rooms at work.

And AF came.

Thursday this week... feeling nauseous still, dizzy, tired, and dodgy pains in the stomach.

And a BFP.


I went to the Doc - he wasn't that impressed, said test and come back in 2 weeks. He says the pain in my side is a bit suspect and to call out of hours if it gets worse (ectopic). Damn.

It's sunday and my side still hurts but no major pain. I get evening sickness and am tired and grouchy.

Roll on 2 weeks..

If all goes well, people will be told at christmas. Fingers crossed...

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Date:2004-11-21 14:53
Subject:The Countdown Starts Now
Mood: weird

The die is cast and all I can do now is wait. It will be at least 3 days before I can take the test, and I am not 100% whether I will be relieved or disappointed, happy or scared. I will be able to laugh in the face of my gynae (who said I will need 'significant help' - let's hope I disprove that, huh), but next year will be quite a year. It sure will make life interesting, anyway. Considering I will have to go the first 3 months without telling a soul, especially work, things will be - erm - a little crazy around here.

I have read all there is to know about it and am now like a kid waiting for christmas - I'm not sure what Santa will bring me, but I hope he brings it SOON.

I have 8/10 of the symptoms.

I've calculated that if I'm right, the due date will be 2nd August 2005 (give or take a week). That's if I was right about the 10th Nov conception date, of course.

Meanwhile the test sits in the bathroom taunting me..

So will it be af or pg?

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